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What is Giclee?
(pronounced: ja-CLAY)

Giclee, meaning “spurt of ink,” is produced using a 9-color ink jet printer. Colorfast for over 100 years, these reproduction prints provide an appearance and impact closely mimicking my original paintings.

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In the world of digital image-making, nothing equals the giclee for its stunning depth of color and control of lights and darks. Contemporary digital artists have established giclee as the recognized standard of excellence. Examples of giclee prints produced by long-established artists also hang in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Around the world, major galleries and collectors trade these first-rate prints.


My production equipment includes a 9-color print engine using inks rated colorfast for over one hundred years. I prefer a light textured 100% cotton rag stock paper. For editions printed on canvas, I select a gloss finish. Each reproduction print is individually printed, numbered and signed. I record artist proofs for each edition. All matted works have archival quality, acid-free mats and backings as well as museum quality presentation bags. The combination of these highest-quality materials ensures my prints maintain their intensity for generations to come.

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Not for the easily thwarted, giclee printing is a tough task master. Using experiences and techniques in multiple disciplines, I maintain a high standard throughout the printing process. Over three decades of photography, scanning, digital image manipulation, and commercial and fine art screen printing enhance the final results of my giclee prints.

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100 Years

Each world-class giclee print comes directly from my studio, individually printed and packaged by myself. I enjoy knowing they enhance the lives of people all over the world. When a print enters a family collection, I know the 100-year archival quality of the inks and paper will ensure future generations the same depth of color and intensity as the original buyer currently enjoys.

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The giclee prints are a new process that look much nicer than any previous type of reproduction printing process. I print each of them one at a time in my studio. I want you to feel relaxed and confident about your purchase. With online purchases you can have a 2-month test viewing. Take some time to view it. Make sure you like it. I accept the responsibility of your satisfaction, because I want you as a long-term customer. This is my contract with you. Your only responsibility is to return the art work undamaged to me within 2 months. This is the safest way to buy art. Shipping charges are not refunded. RETURN POLICY

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