Yarrow, Scurf Pea, Cinquefoil


oil on canvas

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Late spring on the mixed grass prairie brings combinations of flowering plants which are native and introduced. A lone prairie rose appears in a sea of greens.
This subject and the presentation goes way back to my earliest days of painting prairie flowers. I must be crazy to continue to paint these little hidden guys with no human measures of scale for them. That is a challenge I've placed on myself in this painting. A road, a fence, a barn or something created by people gives instant scale. This one is about the wild.
The preliminary sketch for this painting went fairly well but the sky continued to darken to indigo and the sun splashes dissapeared. I was working in the shadow light from memory and intention. I had barely finished my sketch when cold downdrafts hit the easel and a wall cloud chased me into my truck and down the road.
Richter chased away from painting site by wall cloud
copyright 2007, Matthew Richter, all rights reserved