Evening Descends On The Tallgrass


oil on canvas, 2011


Beyond the sunset and into the approaching twilight.
Rising mist, Indian grass blossoms, blue stem and gramma grasses reflecting the orange and yellow rays of a raking light. White leaves of Snow on the Mountain reflect the blue of the stratosphere above. The grand and undisturbed prairie stretching to the horizon in broken limestone tables covered in the velvet of more than three hundred healthy plant species. This is the view I imagine I will see on my last evening in the silent grasses across the fading light.
Evening Descends on the Tallgrass, detail of oil painting
Central detail of "Evening Descends on the Tallgrass"
This is a major work of forty-eight inches in width. It is a career high point and an individual statement that transcends the placement of time and location. Deeply rooted in the spirit and vision of a prairie ideal this sunset holds a commanding presence where ever it is displayed.

I was working on several paintings at the same time as "Evening Descends" but no one noticed them when they entered the room. The scale, color and drama of this image is riveting, it commands the viewer's attention. If you want an oil painting that impresses the eyes and hearts  of everyone who enters the room I can't think of another that does it so consistently."

-Matthew Richter, June 2011 
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