Early Fall Flooding oil painting by Matthew Richter


oil on canvas, 2012

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Weather patterns on the Great Plains can bring heavy rains after long dry summer months. Isolated thunder storm cells drench grasslands filling creeks and overflowing into wetland sinks between bunches of Native grasses. Streaming through one hundred and fifty miles of dusty atmosphere the early fall light is alive with color. Switchgrass and Tall Bluestem suddenly find themselves reflected side by side with the sunset flames of orange, yellow and red.
detail of Early Fall Flooding oil painting


The canoe slides through the water, soft ripples waving behind us. Multi-toned grasses bunch at the edge of the lake, perfectly mirrored in the smooth surface. Trees rise up, their twins sinking into the depths, each leaf replicated. The quiet slaps of our paddles echo into the morning silence like the wake of our canoe on water. The sun slips into view, splashing the clouds pastel colors, all reflected in the mirror lake surface. As the sun rises, the winds awaken, waving grasses and tree limbs, rippling the perfect reflections on the water. The moment of serene quietness slips away on the breeze.

-Kiya Richter Krier, 2012

wetlands at twilight reflect a pink and purple sky
copyright 2007, Matthew Richter, all rights reserved