Late Summer High Plains native grasses storm approaching


32X36 inches, oil on canvas.

Giclee prints availale
Late Summer, High Plains giclee prints available

For thousands of years the Great Western High Plains stretched from what we know as Texas, North to the Canadian Shield. It was covered in dozens of varieties of rich grasses, lone cottonwoods, willows, oaks and drought resistant wooded shrubs. This is such a moment on the high Western plains before the pressures of over grazing and the plow reduced the rich grass lands.

Almost none of these acres remain in their natural state. They are now lost forever.

However, the weather remains as wild and wide open as it ever was. Prairie skies with wet clouds such as these are a sign of the coming fall and a goodbye to the late summer heat.


"LATE SUMMER, HIGHT PLAINS" is framed in a generous 5 inch width with three distinct moldings. Inside is a thin cream retainer, bordered by satin blacks. A milled cove echoes the blue of the sky clouds and the outside mold is subtle aged gold with deep red oxide accents. This is a magnificent oil painting which makes a strong statement about the grace and balance of the ancient high plains.
copyright 2007, Matthew Richter, all rights reserved