Buffalo Calves oil painting Buffalo Calves Giclee prints available


17x40 inches
oil on gesso panel

Giclee prints available

Calves less than 3 weeks old rest in the mid June prairie heat. The cows stand panting and quietly watchful. Bulls lay in the prairie grass at the herd edges. All are too hot and slow to argue or fuss with each other in the gusty winds.
This work is a full 180 degree view of mixed grass, never plowed prairie habitat. The contrast of a modern road and the ancient cycle of newborn bison calves questions the human ability to preserve or destroy these endangered grasslands.
The rabbit skin glue and marble dust gesso panel is floated inside my hand crafted frame. The inside molding is antiqued copper leaf next to a 22 degree scooped and carved old English green center molding. The outer mold is a hand rubbed translucent dark iron oxide over a toned amber and alizarin crimson base. This is one of my finest frames on a career landmark painting.
detail of Buffalo Calves

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Giclee print Buffalo Calves
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